1. The Bible is the only perfect Word from God. No other books are accepted as a continuation of the Word of God. The King James Version is the infallible, inerrant revelation of our Holy God for the the English speaking people.
2. A literal Heaven and Hell are the only places souls will go after death.
3. Salvation from Hell is by Gods Amazing Grace, thru faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ once and for all, not by mans works.
4. This salvation of the sinner is Eternally secured by the Holy Spirit.
5. The imminent return of Christ is premillenial and pretribulational.
6. Immersion in water is to be followed by every believer after conversion. The only other ordinance to the Church is the Lord’s Supper.
7. Separation to God and from the world is necessary for the overcomer.
8. An active outreach to the lost is the mandate of the Local Church.
9. The God of the Bible is one God manifested in 3 persons.
10. The eternal, dwelling power of the Holy Spirit is given to every believer at the moment of Salvation to “seal him” in Christ forever. That causes the body of the believer to become the temple of the Living God. Holy Spirit power is needed to live the abundant Christian Life and to speak the “Word of God boldly” as a witness to all that Christ is the answer to life. The power of the Spirit is not to puff up the believer as to “his spiritual gift”.